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Checking In

My officemate Alexa recently told me that my style is a better fit for tumblr because, well, tumblr. I’m not too sure how I can keep up, seeing as I run my website, instagram, and facebook page simultaneously (daily), but I’d like to give it a chance. 

One portrait a day, I suppose? Hope that works. 



Anyway, hello, internet stranger. Hope to see more of you (and me) here over the coming days. 

Anonymous said: Hi! What camera and lenses you use when shooting portrait? Thanks!

Hi! :) 

It depends on the situation. I mostly use my Canon EOS M with the 22mm f/2.0 and the 85mm 1.8 :) 

The low drag. 


Anonymous said: Hi, I'm a huge fan of your work and you're a huge inspiration of mine! Do you have any advice on directing models and how to do posing? What kinds of things do you do during a shoot to help the model feel relaxed?


Thank you!

for me directing models i prefer to give them a mood, or character to portray. I hate the word “pose” as it implies a specific angle. As you start out and work with inexperienced models this will be the case as they will pose to mimic what they feel is what they should be doing. Which is when I recommend doing very simple shoots that are more character and portrait studies. Again playing a character is what is most important, and setting the mood by telling them to be more dramatic, or darker. I usually dont recommend going edgy with someone who may happen to be very pretty but has never modeled before. So instead of poses you get “looks” 

As for as getting the mood of the set relaxed, a good attitude, actually talk to your model and get to know them a little more, talk to your team members, if you are spending a more than 8 hours shooting make sure to feed your team/model or at least bring some snacks. 

and the most important tip of all! PLAY MUSIC. A silent shoot is the most awkward shoot.  EDM or Hip Hop always works these days.